One thought on “Old St Peters, the Circus of Caligula and the Phrygianum | Roger Pearse

  1. [Also posted on Roger Pearse’s website]
    Sorry I can’t reference this but this site very much interests me and I have searched around for info on this Circus over the years.
    I am very positive that the 2nd (tilted) Plan is accurate.
    The 1st is from 1892 and I believe(?) they just guessed at it as they knew where the obelisk was originally located and then just paralleled the Circus Plan with the Basilica?

    I’m very certain that in the past century since that 1st Plan was drawn they have discovered remains of the ‘Starting Gates’ on the right of the Plan roughly where the outlined Circus ends.
    And at the left curved opposite end they discovered a section of the curved Circus wall (I believe it was an accidental discovery at a building construction site?).

    I could be wrong about the “orientation of the circus” although I am certain that is what they had found?
    The obelisk very likely was Caligula’s main showpiece so putting it in the center of the spina I believe makes the most sense plus its height.

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