Help Save Classics at the University of Vermont!

The fine folks at UVM’s Classics department asked me to get the word out:

Dear Fellow Classicists,

We would be very grateful if you sign our petition to reverse the 50% cut to Classics that the University of Vermont has suffered in the last three years. UVM is now undergoing a regime change—influenced in part by campus-wide protests to humanities cutbacks—and we hope to prevail upon the incoming president (Suresh Garimella, currently Provost of Purdue) to restore us to the 2015 staffing level that was already deemed minimal by our external program review that same year.

For more specifics, please see the SCS blog:

The petition is here:

Yours gratefully,

The Department of Classics, Universitas Viridis Montis
The University of Vermont


One thought on “Help Save Classics at the University of Vermont!

  1. Reading this reminds me of my own Alma Mater, Muhlenberg College. I was a History major torn between Classicism and Mediaevalism. Of course there was no issue in getting to study the languages.. I am looking at my 50th in 2022. When I returned for the 45th they were no longer offering the ancient histories or the mediaeval either. In addition the classical languages were no longer offered. I feel as though the college had been raped. Stay the line, Vermont!

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