Video of the Moment: A Greek Tragedy

It sucks to be a Caryatid:


Distractions ~ What Should We Call Me Classics

Tip o’ the pileus to Dr Tronchin for giving us our morning smile by alerting us to this tumblr thing:

… which anyone who has sat in a Latin or Greek (or even Classics) course can probably identify with! Enjoy!

300 … Ponies

Tip ‘o the pileus (I think) to Liz Gloyn for sharing this one on Twitter … something to look at between courses of walking bird, if you’re stateside … you’ll laugh until you stop:


Do Not Pass Marathon … Do Not Collect …

Tip o’ the pileus to Atticus Cox who found this on the Uncyclopedia:

Source (the top-selling board game of the 5th century B.C.E. …)


Of Paradoxes and Caves

Tip o’ the pileus to Terrence Lockyer for alerting us to this fine offering from SMBC: