Exclusus Slamadoor?

Excerpt from Gillian Clark’s column in the Huffington Post:

 […] When I started college, I figured I had enough cynicism to make it on my own. I was told that Patrick Henry jumped through a window down to a waiting horse after presenting his liberty vs. death ultimatum. And no, that is not pepper on those street-vendor pretzels. I figured I was ready.

Professor O’leary led a relaxed seminar where we compared Paris to Odysseus and Penelope to Helen. Entertaining and approachable, he had the class over to his apartment for cocktails at the semester’s end.

“Bring your paper by,” he said, squeezing my hand. “Let’s talk about it.” I was ready to be his protégé and spent all night with Virgil and Homer. I clutched the carefully typed paper running over to his place fueled only by black coffee and one hour of sleep. I’d been standing at his door for almost fifteen minutes when my gentle knocking transitioned to persistent pounding. When he finally snatched the door open, Professor O’leary was red faced, barefoot, drenched in his own perspiration, wearing a sweatshirt inside out and his belt was undone. He nodded at me impatiently as I told him all that I had discovered about Dido and Helen. He grabbed the exposition from my hands and slammed the door. […]

… the prof could be in Comp Lit or Classics, I suppose … (and no, I could not resist the horrible pun in the title)

Greece Offers Giant Horse

Credit/blame for this one goes to Adrian Murdoch, who was tweeting such things t’other day:

In what many are hailing as a breakthrough solution to Greece’s crippling debt crisis, Greece today offered to repay loans from the European Union nations by giving them a gigantic horse.

Finance ministers from sixteen EU nations awoke in Brussels this morning to find that a huge wooden horse had been wheeled into the city center overnight.

The horse, measuring several stories in height, drew mixed responses from the finance ministers, many of whom said they would have preferred a cash repayment of the EU’s bailout.

But German Chancellor Andrea Merkel said she “welcomed the beautiful wooden horse,” adding, “What harm could it possibly do?”

Greece Offers to Repay Loans with Giant Horse | Borowitz Report.

Sunday Funnies

Over the past while I’ve accumulated a few doorworthy comics … some will embed and some won’t, so I’ll just provide links … enjoy:

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Posted to the Classics list … note the name of the prof:

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