Prevention or Cure? Tax Exemptions in a Warfare Context: Miletus and the Low Valley of the Maeander early second century BCE | CHS Research Bulletin

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Jewish Epigraphy Workshop Materials Online

Margaret Williams of the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins recently conducted an epigraphy workshop which consisted of a couple of half-day seminars which provide a really useful overview of what is currently known in regards to Jewish epigraphy in Hellenistic/Roman times. Even better, all the materials (handouts, audio, powerpoints) have been made available online. This seems to be a useful model that other talks/seminar/paper sessions might want to emulate. In any event, details and links available here.

iLatin and eGreek – Ancient Languages and New Technology Talks Online

Another one from this past February … the very interesting talks from the Open University’s  iLatin and eGreek – Ancient Languages and New Technology Conference are available online in one convenient place: