CONF: Manchester Seminars


With the exception of the very first meeting, all research seminars are on Thursdays at 5 pm in the Samuel Alexander Building, Room S. 1. 7.
CA lectures are on Wednesdays at 5.30 in Room A. 7 of the same building.
All are welcome at all meetings, also at drinks after the discussion and at the meal with the speaker later on.

Wed. 28 January, 5 pm, exceptionally in Room A. 116
Giuseppe Ucciardello (Messina)
New Fragments of Attic orators in a Vatican manuscript (Georgios Phrankopoulos’ lexicon)

CA Wed. 4 February, 5.30 pm, A. 7 [Joint meeting with the Hellenic Society]
Patrick Finglass (Nottingham)
Sophocles at Leiden

Thurs. 5 February
Bruce Gibson (Liverpool)
Causation in post-Augustan epic

Thurs. 12 February
Simon Corcoran (UCL)
The Code of Justinian: a sixth-century life

Thurs. 19 February
Fiona Hobden (Liverpool)
Enter the divine? Religious experience and sympotic performance

Thurs. 26 February
Laurent Pernot (Strasbourg)
Aelius Aristides and Greek books in the second century AD

Thurs. 5 March
Judy Barringer (Edinburgh)
The Olympic Altis in 476

Thurs. 12 March
Roger Brock (Leeds)
Greek political imagery in the fifth century BC

CA Wed. 18 March, 5.30 pm, A. 7 [Joint meeting with the Roman Society]
Tony Wilmott (English Heritage)
The Amphitheatre in Roman Britain

Thurs. 19 March
Ashley Clements (TCDublin)
Aristophanes’ Thesmophoriazusae: a comedy of mortal error?

Thurs. 26 March
Loveday Alexander (Sheffield/Manchester)
Canon and exegesis in the medical schools of antiquity


Thurs. 23 April
Jill Harries (St Andrews)
Inventing the lawyer in early imperial Rome

Thurs. 30 April
Alison Sharrock (Manchester)
Ovid and the epic cycle

Thurs. 7 May
Roslynne Bell (Manchester)
Augustus and the temple of Magna Mater (or: How can I ignore the god next door?)

CA Wed. 13 May, 5.30 pm, A. 7
April Pudsey (Edinburgh)
Family and household in Græco-Roman Egypt

Thurs. 14 May
Amy Coker (Manchester)
Aspects of grammatical gender in Greek

Thurs. 21 May
Philippe Mudry (Lausanne)
Umbricius’ astonishing choice in Juvenal, Satires 3

Thurs. 28 May
Hugh Bowden (KCL)
Eunuch priests in the Roman cult of Magna Mater

Thurs. 4 June
Ruth Morello (Manchester)
The letters of Pliny the Younger

David.Langslow AT for inquiries about the research seminar;
Tim.Parkin AT for inquiries about the CA meetings, including requests to dine with the speaker

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