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CFP: «Cupis volitare per auras» Books, libraries and textual transmission from the Ancient to the Medieval World (Graduate conference)


First International Postgraduate Conference

«Cupis volitare per auras»
Books, libraries and textual transmission from the Ancient to the Medieval World

University of Bari (Italy), 27th – 28th October 2016.
Confirmed keynote speaker: Stephen J. Harrison (Corpus Christi College, Oxford)

In the epigram I, 3 («Cupis volitare per auras») Martial addresses his book and blames it for wanting to fly away and become public instead of staying home.

Prolepsis Association is delighted to announce the first International Postgraduate Conference whose theme is production, transmission and circulation of ancient literary and historical texts from the Classical antiquity to the Byzantine and Medieval age. Particular attention will be given to papers dealing with the following research interests:

– Ancient writing materials
– Ancient libraries, scribes’ and scholars’ activity, history of the collections
– Orality and writing in the Greek archaic age
– Books from the Classical to the Imperial age: Ekdosis and diadosis
– Textual transmission of Jewish and Christian texts
– Indirect tradition of ancient texts
– Greek and Latin texts translated into other ancient languages
– Literary texts on inscriptions
– Ancient, late-antique and medieval commentaries, Greek and Latin textual criticism
– Centers of book production in the Byzantine and Medieval age

The scientific committee may also accept papers in related fields, provided that a consistent connection with the main topic of the conference is shown.

The participation in the Postgraduate Conference as speaker is open to postgraduate students (from Italian and foreign institutions), but early-career researchers and undergraduates are also encouraged to apply.
To participate it is necessary to send an e-mail to prolepsis.associazione AT gmail.com (official e-mail of the Association) by the 30th April 2016. The e-mail must contain the following PDF attachments:
1) An anonymous abstract of approximately 300 words, excluding references and in English. It should be indicated whether the paper is an oral presentation or a poster.
2) A short academic biography with name and affiliation of the author/authors of the paper.
Papers should be 20 minutes in length plus 10 minutes of discussion and the languages admitted are Italian and English.
Selected papers will be considered for publication.

Expenses for travel and accommodation will not be covered. For any enquiries write to prolepsis.associazione@gmail.com, we would be glad to help you to find solutions!

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions,

The organising committee:

Elena Barile
Roberta Berardi
Nicoletta Bruno
Martina Filosa
Luisa Fizzarotti

CFP: UWO Classics Graduate Conference ~ Voyages and Journeys in Antiquity

UWO Classics Graduate Conference 2016:
Voyages and Journeys in Antiquity
Department of Classics
University of Western Ontario
March 18-19, 2016

The communities of the ancient Mediterranean may seem, in comparison with our modern, globalized society, somewhat less reliant on the close cultural and economic ties that we take for granted. Yet, from Homer to Virgil, from Herodotus to Julius Caesar, from the Greek colonization of Southern Italy to the campaigns of Alexander, we are constantly reminded of the vital interchange of ideas and materials that took place between ancient cultures. This conference aims to explore the role of travel in creating and maintaining these connections, whether in the spheres of archaeology, economics, philosophy or literature.

We invite submissions for papers related to the theme of travel in the ancient world. Relevant issues for discussion may include (but are certainly not limited to):

– Geography and space in ancient literature
– Travel in Greek and Roman military narratives
– Nomadism in ancient literature and historiography
– Representations of the oikoumene
– Maritime trade in the Mediterranean
– The role of maps in ancient travel
– Pilgrimage (e.g. in the Hellenistic period, in the Roman empire, etc.)
– Journeys to the underworld (katabases)
– Nostoi in epic, Athenian drama, the ancient novel, etc.
– Metempsychosis and eschatological narratives
– Xenia and diplomatic embassies

This conference is directed towards graduate students of all disciplines whose research touches on any aspect of ancient Greek or Roman culture. Our keynote speaker will be Professor Jonathan Burgess from the Department of Classics at the University of Toronto. Professor Burgess’ work on the Greek epic cycle, performance and orality, and intertextuality in ancient and modern travel literature has been, and continues to be, extremely influential.

Papers should be 15-20 minutes in length. Please send abstracts of no more than 300 words to itinera.western16 AT gmail.com by February 7, 2016.

CFP: 17th Unisa Classics Colloquium, 26-28 October 2016


17th Unisa Classics Colloquium, 26-28 October 2016

THEME: ‘Ancient Life-writing’

Proposals are hereby solicited for papers on the conference theme which intends to explore the fascination of Greco-Roman antiquity with personal detail, and how this came to be packaged in written forms. The organisers are interested not only in biography as a separate genre, but also in other and smaller formats which divulge information on individual lives. We will be looking to include a broad spectrum of interests in the conference programme: from epic to historiography, scholia to epigrams, inscriptions to fictional letters, oratory to gospels.

Please submit titles and abstracts of approximately 300 words to Philip Bosman at bosmapr AT unisa.ac.za, as soon as possible. All proposals are carefully considered, but bear in mind that slots are limited.

Deadline for proposals: 15 June 2016.

More on the conference:
Convening in 2016 for the 17th time, the Unisa Classics Colloquium combines stimulating scholarship with a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. Over two and a half days, approximately 20 scholarly contributions from around the world are to be presented. The 40 minute slots provide ample time for discussion and valuable feedback. Parallel sessions are avoided in order to promote unity of focus in the conference, and delegates get to know each other properly. Information on previous conferences may be found at:


Venue: Pretoria, South Africa.

Dates: 26-28 October 2016.
Participants should ideally arrive at OR Tambo Airport and in Pretoria on the morning of the 25th and only book a flight out from the evening of the 28th but preferably later.

A preliminary programme will be compiled from the proposals received and will be published on the Departmental website after the final date for submissions.

Conference fee:
To be communicated at a later stage, but accepted participants may budget for approximately US$350, inclusive of accommodation, domestic transport and conference fee. Postgraduate students and interested parties without access to institutional funding may contact the organizers for a discount.

Publication of papers:
Depending on quality, a collection of articles on the colloquium theme is envisaged. Submitted papers are subject to a refereeing process. If you would consider submitting your paper for publication, please indicate that to us via return mail for further guidelines on style.