Another Live Auctioneer Auction

… again, without any information about origins. This time, it’s a Roman dagger (pugio) and spear tip:

This is lot 901 and is the only Roman item with a photo in this section of the online catalog. Interestingly/suspiciously, it is flanked by A Collection of Roman Glass Artifacts (898), A Roman Earthenware Patera (899), A Collection of Five Near East Earthenware Unguentariums (900), A Collection of Metal Work and Earthenware (902), and A Collection of Nine Roman or Near Eastern Earthenware Vessels (903), none of which have photos, but all of which come from the Indianapolis Museum of Art. There follow two other ancient (Egyptian) items, sans provenance, photographed apparently at the same time as the dagger. After that come items hailing from Sotheby’s etc.. Read into that what you will …

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