Breviaria 01/17/09

More cleaning of the inbox:

There’s a new issue of Iris Magazine out (I love this cover).

The recent AIA-APA shindig included a session on Podcasting and the Classics, which, of course, has a podcast presence on the web … personally, (rant) I think EVERY session should be thus covered as should every conference, ‘seminar’, etc. and folks should be taking advantage of places like Blogger to extend the discussion of papers beyond the conference room (/rant).

Caroline Bishop informs us (gratias tibi ago!) of a series of interesting posts by Don Ringe at Language Log on assorted IE linguistics things which should be of interest (the link takes you to the most recent; the previous ones are linked therein).

Biblical Archaeology Review has a nice online feature on Medicine in the Ancient World.


A couple more MPs are jumping on the repatriation of the Elgin/Parthenon marbles bandwagon:

This is a very old story on Alexander the Great which seems to be making a comeback; we note it here again just in case:

Albert Uderzo’s daughter isn’t a happy heiress:

Wonder Woman has some new boots:

Touristy thing on Palmyra:

Latest on the ‘Macedonia’ dispute:

A theatre item of potential interest:


I’m hoping to find a more substantial obituary for Vivian Swan:

Some inspiration/ideas for the teachers among us:

The ASCSA announces a new publication:


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