CONF: Leeds Seminars

Regular meetings are on Wednesdays at 3pm and take place in room 101 in the Parkinson building, University of Leeds. Also shown on the schedule are papers for the Leeds and District branch of the Classical Association, which begin at 5pm and are also held in room 101, Parkinson building.

Directions to the University and campus maps may be found here: For any further information, please contact Dr. Penny Goodman (p.j.goodman AT or Dr. Clare Kelly Blazeby (c.kellyblazeby AT

Programme of speakers:

January 29th (CA talk – starting at 5 for 5:30pm)
David Langslow (Manchester)
The History of the Latin Language

February 4th
Shaun Tougher (Cardiff)
The surprising sex life of a Roman emperor: Gore Vidal’s Julian

February 13th (CA talk – starting at 5 for 5:30pm)
Fred Williams
Pindar and Camp David

February 18th
Lene Rubinstein (Royal Holloway University of London)
Forgive and Forget: amnesty in the Hellenistic Greek Cities

March 4th
Martin Blazeby (King’s College London)
The Body and Mask in Ancient Theatre Space

April 22nd
Michael Fulford (Reading), Geoffrey Dannell, Brenda Dickinson, and Rosemary Wilkinson (Leeds)
The ‘Names on Terra Sigillata’ project

May 6th
Judy Barringer (Edinburgh)
The Olympic Altis in 476

May 12th (CA talk – starting at 5 for 5:30pm)
Lionel Wickham
A Voyage round Prudentius

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