From the Italian Press

Well, now that I’m full of espresso, it seems appropriate to peruse what our friends in Italy have been reading about:

Authorities have discovered evidence of tombaroli operating around Ragusa:

They’re going to be sprucing (cypressing? decypressing?) up Augustus’ mausoleum:

The previous two items hint that the bases for obelisks which once stood in front of the Mausoleum have been discovered … la Repubblica gives more details:

This item from Quaderno relates the debate over what to do with archaeological remains found beneath the Duomo in Benevento; inter alia, there are Roman remains from both Republican and Imperial (and later) eras, including remains of the Forum:

Eva Cantarella weighs in on the ongoing concerns over conditions at Pompeii:

Recovery of stolen antiquities in Puglia/Bari is up 15%:

Puglia/ Bari, aumentano gli scavi clandestini: +15% (Vergilio)

A report on the find at San Mango d’Aquino (in Calabria … not sure what its ancient name would be) of a Roman tomb from the ‘Augustan age’ … it might be hinting at the location of a long-rumoured necropolis in the area:

I don’t quite get the connection to archaeology in this one … a prize for archaeological journalism named after some guy we’ve all heard of:

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