Ghostly Doings

From Short News, FWIW:

Staff at Derby’s new Royal Hospital; have been terrified by an apparition of a man appearing in the hallways, they have been so frightened that managers at the NHS hospital have called a local priest for an exorcism.

Senior manager Debbie Butler e-mailed her staff she wrote: “I’m not sure how many of you are aware that some members of staff have reported seeing a ghost. “I’m taking it seriously as the last thing I want is staff feeling uneasy at work.”

Experts said this spirit may be the ghost of a Roman soldier killed on the grounds, Protesters attempted to halt the first hospital being built in 1920, but Developers continued to build on one of Ancient Britain’s main Roman roads.

In the past, we’ve mentioned a possible Roman ghost on a paintball site at Teeside, Boudicca’s ghost running around Lincolnshire and Flintshire, assorted Roman ghosts at York.

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