CONF: Comic Interations


Friday 17 – Saturday 18 July 2009
Department of Greek and Latin, UCL, and the Institute of Classical Studies

A conference sponsored by the British Academy, the Institute of Classical
Studies, and the Department of Greek and Latin.

Speakers: Eric Csapo, Chris Carey, Edith Hall, Stephen Halliwell, Nick Lowe,
Regine May, Lucia Prauscello, Richard Rawles, Martin Revermann, Ralph Rosen,
Alan Sommerstein, Michael Silk, Mario Telò, Emmanuela Bakola

One of the defining features of ancient comedy is its self-conscious
dialogue with other literary genres. Greek comedy constantly negotiates its
position among other genres and through its literary affiliations with them
absorbs and reflects popular ideas, ethical values, and socio-political
practices. Scholarly attention has so far been limited to comedy’s
indebtedness to single literary genres conceived as isolated tesserae of a
lost mosaic (tragedy, iambos, lyric, satyr drama) and to isolated influences
of comedy on other genres, especially tragedy.

The intention of the international conference ‘Comic Interactions: Comedy
across Genres and Genres in Comedy’ is to explore new perspectives in the
working of such influence in both directions. Papers will focus both on how
the generic microcosms were re-staged and showcased by comedy as it evolved
during the fifth and fourth centuries BC, and on how comedy was
conceptualized and received at the other end by these other genres during
antiquity. This will allow us to chart the perceived literary and social
changes in the concept of comedy as a ‘genre’ and at the same time to gauge
the extent to which comedy itself reflects and handles these changes.

Papers will engage with comedy’s dialogue with early iambic poetry, choral
lyric, epic, the fable tradition, tragedy; they will also explore its
reception in Roman satire and the novel.

The conference is open to the public. Location: Gordon House 106, 29 Gordon
Square, London WC1H 0PP.

For enquiries, please contact the organisers: Emmanuela Bakola
(e.bakola AT, Lucia Prauscello (lp306 AT, Mario Telò
(mtelo AT


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