Alexander the Great’s Statue

The Guardian reports on a row going on in Athens over plans to erect a statue of Alexander the Great … inter alia:

Seventeen years after its acquisition by the Greek culture ministry, the rendition of the military commander has been gathering dust in a basement storeroom because of fierce controversy over where to put the sculpture. Nationalist-minded politicians, on both sides of the spectrum, believe the statue “rightfully” belongs to a prominent square in the heart of ancient Athens. There, they say, the Macedonian king would not only receive maximum viewing but the reverence he deserves from a people who see themselves as his rightful descendants.

Had it not been for archaeologists, that might have happened. But the purveyors of Greece’s past – a powerful lobby in this antiquities-rich country – have strongly resisted the move, saying Alexander came to the capital “as a conqueror”. The row might have gone unnoticed had it not been for the recently reinvigorated intensity of the name dispute between Athens and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

… I wonder if that report a couple of weeks ago of plans to erect a statue of Al at Arbela is prompting a similar reaction there …

2 thoughts on “Alexander the Great’s Statue

  1. A piece of crappy journalism (not the first by Helena Smith mind you) with no sources corroborating her story. In fact her source is a mini article in the Ethnos daily which aludes to some objections in a humorous tone:

    Where did the effort stumble? In the opinions of some archeologists that Alexander came to Athens as a … conqueror and thus, it’s too much to put him with a view to the Acropolis.

    Πού σκόνταψε τότε η προσπάθεια; Στις απόψεις κάποιων αρχαιολόγων ότι ο Αλέξανδρος είχε έλθει στην Αθήνα ως… κατακτητής και άρα, σιγά να μη τον βάλουμε να έχει και θέα την Ακρόπολη!

    out of

    In fact the whole story appears to be just another case of Greek bureaucracy gone amuck – but that has never stopped Helena Smith from writing a catchy story…

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