From the Italian Press

As often, the Italian press is full of discoveries which never make it to the English press, alas …

Politicamente Correto reports on the discovery of a monumental lion sculpture from Modena, dating to the second half or so of the first century:

PatrimonionSOS has a letter suggesting the protests of archaeologists at Ostia are getting more serious:


A piece in Articolo 21 seems to suggest it goes beyond Ostia:

Cetona reports on the impending ‘continuation’ (for want of a better word) of the search for the tomb of Lars Porsenna:

L’Unione Sarda on the excavation of some nuraghi and other sites (a bit vague):

At Archaeogate there resides an article about remains of an Etruscan aquaduct at Bolsena (the pdf of the article is on the right side of the page):

Plans for an archaeological park in Lecce make mention of a pile of finds from various periods, including some well-preserved Roman baths:

Toscana TV reports on the arrest of a 72-year-old man in possession of some Dressel amphoras which eventually led to the discovery of a shipwreck site off the coast of Arrezzo:

Manduria Oggi has a report (with some photos) on the discovery of a Messapic burial dating to the 4th/3rd century B.C.:

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