Macedonian Digs

A brief report which seems to be making the rounds of the Indian press tells of four digs commencing in Macedonia/FYROM … of interest to us is Heraklea Lynkestis:

About 100 people already started excavating unearthed parts of the Heraklea Lynkestis site, which is located at about two kilometres from the town of Bitola in south-western Macedonia.

Founded in the fourth century BC by the ancient Greek ruler Philip II of Macedon – the father of Alexander the Great, and conquered by the Romans two centuries later, Heraklea Lynkestis stood on the Via Egnatia and became one of the key stations on this trading route.

Some of the remains that archaeologists have discovered at the site so far are impressive mosaics, Roman baths, town walls, a portico, ancient basilicas, an Episcopal church, a Jewish temple and a Roman amphitheatre which is often used for summer concerts and theatre shows.

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