Recent Finds from Heraklea Lynkestis

The incipit of an item from Balkan Travellers:

Recently unearthed finds at the Heraklea Lynkestis site in south-western Macedonia are shedding new light on archaeologists’ knowledge about the ancient settlement.

The latest discoveries made by archaeologists include coins, some utensils and a mug for mead – an ancient drink, similar to wine made by fermenting water, honey, and yeast. These artefacts will significantly enrich the collection of the Bitola Museum, Anica Gjorgievska and Engin Nasuh recently told the Dnevnik newspaper.

The finds also challenge previous theories about the site – according to Nasuh, the unearthing of the South Wall revealed that life in the settlement did not end in the sixth century BC, as previously thought. “Unearthing of the South Wall is opening new evidence and findings speaking of the life in Heraklea not having ended in the sixth century BC. Rather, it continued for at least two or three centuries and ended in the late third century B.C,” Nasuh said.

Okay … I’m officially confused. Back in March when this dig (?) was announced it seemed to suggest an occupation down into Roman times …

Macedonia: Archaeological Findings Reveal New Facts about Heraklea

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