Gladiatorial Hazards

The Belfast Telegraph reports on an incident between those pseudo-Gladiatorial folks who hang out by the Colosseum … inter alia:

One of the “centurions” who haunts the Colosseum suffered head injuries this week in a fight with a colleague outside the arena. A police officer said he found the man sprawled on the ground “with his face covered in blood”.

Officers said the centurions were fighting over tourists’ attention but colleagues disagree. “It’s not true he was beaten. He just fell over and hurt himself,” one of the gladiators said.

In other gladiatorial news, fans of footwear will be happy to know the gladiator sandal continues to have a good, er,  run:

When the fashion gods tell you the gladiator sandal is still around, but only hotter and higher, you listen. Even the fashion disciples (Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, etc.) turned up the volume on this ancient Roman footwear this season, and whether you love them or hate them, they are the shoe to wear for spring ’09.

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