Acropolis Strike … Again

(Rant)I’m sorry, but Greece will never, ever convince me about returning any marbles of any epithet until they can solve their seemingly constant labour problems. If I go to London, I can be pretty much assured of seeing the marbles. If I go to Athens, it’s a crapshoot whether this, that, or the other group prevents me from seeing things because Greece doesn’t have its labour house in order. (/Rant)

UPDATE (03/15/09): check out the following for the possible resolution to all this:

5 thoughts on “Acropolis Strike … Again

  1. Perhaps you would prefer it if Greek workers didn’t have the right to strike? It seems odd that something this trivial prevents you from thinking clearly about such a serious ethical issue.

    1. It has nothing to do with my opinions on the right of groups to strike. One of my consistent themes for the past number of years is the issue of public (and academic) access to information. As it stands, the labour conditions in Greece are not conducive to access to something as major as the Acropolis, which, quite frankly, boggles my mind. It might seem to be ‘the norm’ within the purview of the Greek labour system (which includes both government and workers), but it ain’t the norm as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure most folks who read this blog who have been to Greece have a personal anecdote of not being able to visit this or that site, or this or that museum, because of some labour unrest. I’m not advocating taking away the right to strike; I’m advocating creating the conditions so that strikes are not necessary or, cynically, are not a defining characteristic of the modern culture.

  2. Well, if we are going to rely on personal anecdotes: I have been refused entry to galleries in the BM because of lack of manpower, but I have never been to the Acropolis when it is closed.

    The BM is open 7.5 hours per day; the Acropolis is open 11 hours per day in the summer (when the tourists are there), 9.5 hours per day in the winter.

    Even if you factor in strikes, then, the Acropolis is far more accessible than the BM.

    1. My focus isn’t solely on the Acropolis … it’s on the likelihood of one or more sites of ancient interest being closed any time someone goes to visit Greece.

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