Windsor ‘Folly’

The incipit of an item from Staines News:

The restoration of an ancient ruin was completed on Thursday when the final decorative stone was put into place.

A 25-tonne crane was needed to lower the final stone on top of the Roman pillars of the ‘thousands of years old’ Leptis Magna ruins in Windsor Great Park, Virginia Water, on March 5.

The moment marked the completion of a restoration project started in November to restore the condition of the ruins, which had weathered severely, since being brought to the UK from Libya in 1818.

The project also involved the re-standing of seven columns that had fallen and a new ground level viewing platform being built.

I guess they’re technically not a ‘folly’, since they are genuine ruins … I never knew these things even existed. I also can’t find the circumstances under which George III brought them to their current location. Will the attention of their restoration lead them to being the next ‘repatriation’ issue?

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