I am not the Rogue Classicist who has a MySpace page (although I am of similar age and musical taste!) … nor am I the author of the Rogue Classicist blog (who might be the same guy) … I am on Twitter (as rogueclassicist) and Facebook (as David Meadows … one of seven or eight; shouldn’t be difficult to figure out which one). FWIW, I’ve been using the epithet (originally as Rogue Classicist, then, when I got tired of pressing shift keys and spacebars, as rogueclassicist) since before 1999 …


4 thoughts on “Disambiguation

  1. Ha, go figure.
    The WordPress blog is mine, I only recently registered it. No idea about the MySpace page, it isn’t mine. I suppose I should have done more research, I didn’t mean to tread on any toes. I would register a new user name if this is going to a pose a problem going forward, let me know.

    • not sure if it’s a problem, but some comments I’m dealing with recently seem to be coming from readers of a blog that’s more political than this one …

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