The Spectacle of Earth Hour

A brief item from GR Reporter:

This year the Earth Hour will start from Greece, which managed to get ahead of Australia and will be the first one to turn off all lights on March 28th as symbol protest against climate changes. All together 270 municipalities and 18 thousand citizens will participate in this protest. The third country after Australia is Canada. “We want to show that we are many and we are ready for action, in order to prevent climate changes,” said Georgios Velidis from the Greek branch of the ecological organization WWF. The Greek participation in the Earth Hour will not only be on a mass scale but it will also be spectacular.

Some of the most famous archeological landmarks will join the campaign, in order to add glamour and finesse. With a solid vote the central archeological council decided to turn off the lights of all Greek landmarks, which are of utmost world significance, from 08:30 pm to 09:30 pm on March 28th. Among them are the Parthenon, Poseidon’s temple on cape Sounio, Hephaestus temple, which is under the Acropolis, and the beautiful hanging bridge Rio-Antirio near Patra.

So we’ll attract attention to the fact that the monuments are lit up at night by turning the lights off … are the lights really necessary outside of Earth Hour?


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