Michael Jackson’s Cleopatra

Here’s something I didn’t know … this well-known (to Classicists, anyway) painting of Cleopatra’s death by D. Pauvert:

… is currently owned by the monogloved-one.  Somehow I always thought MJ would have some ‘connection’ to Cleo … whatever the case, he’s putting this one up for auction.

8 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Cleopatra

    1. … maybe not Pauvert, but the picture seems to be in every book about Cleopatra that has come out in the past couple of days; not sure if books have the Pauvert or the Rixens version (probably the latter)

  1. I don’t think so, David: the painting is The Death of Cleopatra, was painted in 1874 by Jean André Rixens and belongs to the Musée des Augustins in Toulouse, France.
    I saw it in the Giulio Cesare exhibition in Rome this month. This guy Pauvert may have copied it.

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