Chimera of Arezzo Coming to the Getty

I’m sure we’ll hear more of this as the date approaches, but there’s already a fair bit of coverage. Here’s the incipit of the LA Times’ coverage:

The J. Paul Getty Museum and the National Archaeological Museum of Florence, Italy, have entered into a long-term cultural collaboration that will bring one of the latter’s most important masterpieces and other significant works to Southern California, officials of both institutions announced today.

As the first element of the partnership, the Getty Villa in Malibu will present an exhibition centered on the Etruscan bronze, “The Chimaera of Arezzo,” from July 16 through Feb. 8. The Getty also plans an exhibition of ancient bronzes, including Greek, Roman and Etruscan works, and a show devoted solely to Etruscan art.

In an interview today, J. Paul Getty Museum director Michael Brand hailed the collaboration as the “silver lining” of the Getty’s involvement in a highly publicized controversy over looted antiquities that have been discovered in recent years in the collections of major museums worldwide.

Remember a while back when folks were questioning the antiquity of the Capitoline She-Wolf? I am still wondering whether the Chimera will be subjected to the same scrutiny …

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