CONF: Classical Reception in English Literature

Classical Reception in English Literature, 1660-1790

An international Workshop in connection with The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature (published by Oxford University Press)

27-28 June 2009, University of Bristol

The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature is a new, five-volume publication, offering a comprehensive survey and investigation of the reception of Greek and Roman literature by English writers from the Middle Ages to the present day. In the course of the History’s preparation, individual volume editors will be holding various kinds of conference and workshop to allow contributors to the history to meet and exchange ideas and their work-in-progress.

The Bristol workshop, to be held on 27-28 June, will focus on Volume 3: 1660-1790, for which first-draft contributions are due to be submitted at the end of 2009.

Though the workshop is primarily intended for the contributors’ benefit, it is open to other scholars working in the field, who are warmly welcomed to attend and to participate.

Please inform birtha-igrct AT if you would like to attend.

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