CONF: Pacific Rim Roman Literature Seminar 2009 at UCL

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*Pacific Rim Roman Literature Seminar 2009
University College London, 7-9 July (Archaeology Lecture Theatre)
Utopia and Dystopia in Roman Literature*


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

from 9.30 registration

10.00 Welcome
10.15–11.00 NIALL W. SLATER (Emory University)
"Seneca’s Apocolocyntosis as Dystopic Prelude to a Neronian Golden Age"

11.30–12.15 PAUL BURTON (Australian National University)
"Cicero’s Utopian Amicitia:
Some Epistemological Problems with the ‘Friendship of Virtue’"
12.15–13.00 KATHRYN TEMPEST (Roehampton University)
"Cicero and the Rhetoric of Utopia: The Pro Marcello"

14.30–15.15 ANDREW TURNER (University of Melbourne)
"The reception of Greek New Comedy in Latin literature and scholarship:
new evidence from the Terence scholia"
15.15–16.00 EMMA GEE (University of St Andrews)
"A Smattering of Science"

16.30–17.15 BARBARA WEINLICH (Texas Tech University)
"The Dimension(s) of Utopia in Moralistic Discourse:
Mythic Past and Contemporary Rome in Propertius 3.13"
17.15–18.00 RHIANNON EVANS (University of Melbourne)
"Noble savages? Utopian others in Roman ethnography"

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

9.30–10.15 DOROTA DUTSCH (University of California, Santa Barbara)
"The Dynamics of Utopia in Vergil’s Eclogues"
10.15–11.00 ROBIN BOND (University of Canterbury)
"Vergil, Horace and Juvenal: Utopia/Dystopia"

11.30–12.15 SJARLENE THOM (University of Stellenbosch)
"The lyric utopia: taking a stand for lyric in Horace Odes 3.7–12"
12.15–13.00 JOHN GARTHWAITE (University of Otago)
"Utopia Regained in Calpurnius’ Eclogues?

Thursday, 9 July 2009

9.30–10.15 JESSICA DIETRICH (Australian National University)
"The Ideal of Virtuous Female Suicide in Flavian Literature
10.15–11.00 PETER DAVIS (University of Tasmania)
"Journey to a better world?: Argo’s Voyage in Seneca’s Medea and Valerius

11.30–12.15 JOHN PENWILL (La Trobe University)
"Roman Dystopia and the Battle of Cannae in Punica 8–10"
12.15–13.00 FRANCES LEE MILLS (La Trobe University)
"Between Dreams and Realities: The Interpretation of Omens in Silius Italicus’

14.30–15.15 WILLIAM J. DOMINIK (University of Otago)
"The reception of Silius Italicus in modern scholarship"
15.15–16.00 JEAN-MICHEL HULLS (Downside School)
"No place like Rome? Modelling utopia and dystopia onto Statius’ Silvan city"

16.30–17.15 JACQUELINE CLARKE (University of Adelaide)
"Utopias and Dystopias of the Body in Prudentius’ Hymn of Fasting (Cath. VII)"
17.15–18.00 STEPHEN HARRISON (Corpus Christi College Oxford)
"Utopian Palaces in Apuleius and La Fontaine"

All welcome!

If you would like to attend, please register by sending an email to the conference organizer Gesine Manuwald at g.manuwald AT by 15 June 2009.

Conference fee (to cover refreshments and lunches): £20 full conference, £7 day rate (payable in cash upon arrival).

For further information please contact the conference organizer.

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