New Voices in Classical Reception Studies – Issue 4, 2009

seen on the Classicists list a while ago …

We are pleased to announce that Issue 4 of the online journal NewVoices in Classical Reception Studies is now available at:
Issue 4, 2009
Editor: Prof. Lorna Hardwick,
Associate Editors: Dr. Anastasia Bakogianni, Dr. Shelley Hales
Recent Theatrical and Musical Adaptations of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses
Hendrik Müller-Reineke, University of Göttingen
Saying ‘Shazam’: The Magic of Antiquity in Superhero Comics
Luke V. Pitcher, Durham University
Liminal’s Kosky’s Hughes’s Artaud’s Seneca’s Oedipus
Helen Slaney, Monash University
Identity, Dignity And Memory: Performing/ Re- Writing Antigone in Post-1976 Argentina
M. Florencia Nelli, Oxford University / U.N.L.P.-CONICET Argentina
Aristophanes and the Suburbs of the World: The Game of Wealth and Poverty
Martina Treu, IULM University
Koffi Kwahulé’s Bintou and Sophocles’ Antigone : The Silent Form of Adaptation
Chris Love, University of Michigan
The Queen Ancient And Modern: Aeschylus’ Clytemnestra
Sanna-Ilaria Kittelä, University of Helsinki
Submissionsfor the next edition, Issue 5 (2010), are welcome. Details of how to submit an article for consideration are available at Closing date 31st October.


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