Greek Fire Update – Marathon Safe

Sigh of relief after reading this item from Bloomberg:

A significant archaeological site in Greece escaped damage during weekend fires and is deemed safe, a Culture Ministry spokesman said.

The site at Ramnounta, which is believed to be one of Greece’s first municipalities from antiquity, isn’t threatened by the fires, the country’s worst since 2007, Ministry of Culture spokesman George Mouroutis said in a phone interview.

“There is no danger currently and it doesn’t seem there will be further danger,” Mouroutis said. There was water on the site and the brush had been cleared, which helped avoid damage, he added. Flames fanned by strong winds came as close as 1 kilometer from the site.

The two sites that the inferno neared are about 50 kilometers (31 miles) north of Athens, the country’s capital: the Marathon Archaeological Museum and the site of Ramnous in the prefecture of Ramnounta, the spokesman said.

The museum houses 2,500-year-old artifacts found in tombs from the Battle of Marathon as well as sections of the trophy erected after the Greeks defeated the Persians, according to information posted on the town’s Web site. Ramnounta is the site of the 6th century B.C. Temple of Nemesis.

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