CONF: Dublin Classics Seminars 2009-2010

Seen on the Classicists list:

All seminars are held in K217, Newman Building, Belfield, UCD, Dublin, on Tuesdays at 5.30pm.

29 September 2009
Dr Kathryn Welch, University of Sydney
Dealing with Caesar: Augustus and the Republicans

6 October 2009
Dr. Anthony Harvey, Royal Irish Academy
Frankenstein in the scriptorium: bringing Latin to life in early medieval Ireland

20 October 2009
Professor Monica Gale, Trinity College Dublin
Piety, Justice and Labour in Lucretius and Hesiod

3 November 2009
Professor Michael Lloyd, University College Dublin
Sophocles the Ironist

17 November 2009
Dr Aude Doody, University College Dublin
Rambles and Studies in Greece: Oscar Wilde and John
Pentland Mahaffy

Second semester

2 Feb 2010
Dr David Woods, University College Cork
Some Notes on the Iconography of
Late Republican Coinage

16 Feb 2010
William Desmond, NUI, Maynooth
Herodotus, Happiness and World-History

2 March 2010
Professor Wilfried Nippel, Humboldt University Berlin
From Niebuhr to Mommsen. Roman History and 19th century German

30 March 2010
Professor Timothy Barnes
History and Fiction in Sulpicius Severus’ Life of Martin of Tours.
6 April 2010
Professor Michael Clarke, NUI, Galway
The sons of Noah and the men of Troy: ancient Greek and medieval
Irish perspectives

For further information please contact Theresa Urbainczyk, urbain AT

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