CONF: Zoroastrianism in the Levant

Seen on Aegeanet:

Aram Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies is inaugurating a series of
conferences on the subject of "Zoroastrianism". These will be held every
four years at the University of Oxford. The first in the series will take
place in 2010 and explore how "Zoroastrianism in the Levant" interacted with
Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Gnosticism and ancient Near Eastern
non-biblical religions. Other papers on Zoroastrianism outside the Levant
may be accepted if they include elements relevant to the main theme of the

Scholars are invited to submit papers in one of two categories:
1. Academic research in a paper allotted 45 minutes including discussion.
2. Short academic interventions presenting work in progress or brief notes
on the subject lasting 25 minutes including discussion.

Aram Society will form a scientific advisory committee to help with the
organisation of the conference and the editing of conference proceedings for
publication. We will confirm that we have received your proposal on receipt
of an abstract that should include the main sources consulted for the paper
and the time needed to deliver the communication. In order to allow for
discussion participants should speak for 35 or 20 minutes.

Papers will be accepted from accredited academics in the field and please
note that the committee will be very strict in only accepting papers
relevant to the conference theme. Finally the organising committee reserves
the right to reduce the length of a paper if necessary and all papers
submitted for publication are accepted subject to peer review.

All queries should be addressed to the conference secretary Dr Shafiq

Aram Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies, the Oriental Institute, Oxford
University, Pusey Lane, Oxford OX1 2LE, England. Tel. ++1865-514041. Fax
++1865-516824. Email: aram AT

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