CONF: Lampeter Seminars

Seen on the Classicists list:

Details below of this term’s Classics research seminars, including KYKNOS seminars ( All welcome.

KYKNOS seminars begin at 6pm; all others at 5.15pm. All seminars are in the Roderick Bowen seminar room.

15/10 Prof. Judith Mossman (Nottingham) : ‘Plutarch and the Philosophy of Language: The Case of Naming.’ KYKNOS

22/10 Prof. Christopher Pelling (Christ Church, Oxford) : ‘Learning from that violent schoolmaster….: Thucydidean intertextuality and some Greek accounts of Roman civil war.’ KYKNOS

29/10 Dr Marta Garcia Morcillo (Leicester/Lampeter) : ‘The Roman Estate Market: Economic Strategies between Politics and Morality.’

05/11 Evelien Bracke (Maynooth/Lampeter) : ‘Male Power, Treason, and Plot: Argonautic metis in Euripides’ Medea 1-48.’ KYKNOS

12/11 Estelle Strazdins (Balliol, Oxford) : ‘Arrian as self-commentator.’

19/11 Dr Tony Keen (Open University) : ‘From Constantine to Palpatine: Classics, Science Fiction and Reception.’

26/11 Glenn Lacki (St Hugh’s, Oxford) : ‘Exile and the Double Heroides.’

03/12 Philippa Bather (Manchester) : ‘Ancestry as Literary Tradition in Horace and Ovid.’

10/12 Dr Steven Green (Leeds) : ‘Astrological Discretion in Augustan Literature.’

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