CONF: Reception within Antiquity, University of Nottingham

seen on the Classicists list:

One-Day Colloquium on Reception within Antiquity
University of Nottingham
31 October 2009

The colloquium is under the auspices of the Classical Reception Studies Network, the Department of Classics, University of Nottingham and the Centre for Ancient Drama and its Reception. It will take place at the Staff club conference rooms.

Arrival, registration and coffee: 10h00 – 10h30
Opening: 10h30

Keynote address: Prof Pat Easterling: Greek Tragedy and its Transformations

11h30-12h15: Dr Barbara Graziosi: The encounter between Hector and Andromache: ancient and modern receptions

12h15-13h00: Dr Susanna Phillippo: Andromache’s ‘vel umbra satis es’; Seneca (and Virgil) and the recreation of Greek tragedy

13h00-14h15 LUNCH

14H15-15H00: Dr Sarah Miles: Comic Quotations: The Reception of Euripidean Drama in [Plato’s] Theages

15h00-15h45: Nick Wilshere: Lucian’s Achilles: melancholy shade, vainglorious soldier and cross-dressing lesbian.

15h45-16h30: Dr Tim Rood: ‘Polybius, Thucydides and the First Punic War’

Tea and Departure

The conference fee is £30, (£15 for students).

The Classical Association has kindly sponsored a limited number of travel bursaries for postgraduate students wishing to attend. To apply for these or to register for the conference, please contact the organiser, Betine van Zyl Smit at the Department of Classics, University of Nottingham (Tel. 0115-8467249; email:abzbv

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