Alexander Statue from Alexandria?

The Egyptian State Information Service reports:

A statue of Alexander the Great has been discovered in the Egyptian coastal city of Alexandria, Governor Adel Labib said on Wednesday 7/10/2009.

Archeologists have suggested the statue was of Alexander the Great and it was uncovered during excavations at el-Shalalat Park in the city, he said.

The discovery was made by a Greek mission working in the city.

The statue is a “unique discovery” as it dates back to the Ptolemaic dynasty, said the head of the Greek mission during a ceremony at Alexandria National Museum.

Such a discovery will lead to the tomb of Alexander the Great, she ascertained.

Alexander the Great is widely credited with spreading civilization as he marched across what was then the known world.

The discovery draws controversy among archeologists, where some say the statue is of Alexander the Great and others believe it is a royal figure that requires further studies, said an aide to the secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

Hmmm … sounds suspiciously like this previous announcement about a find in the same location… here’s a few more details on that one

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