Matters Propylaean

Interesting bit of synchronicity here (caused more by my backlog, than anything) … first, Harrison Eiteljorg has announced that the CSA’s Propylaea Project has come to a close, which means — if you weren’t already aware of it — that there is a wealth of information (including photos, papers, and the like) at the CSA Propylaea Project webpage … definitely worth a look for the ancient architecture buffs out there …

And as that project winds down, percolating in the back pages of several UK newspapers for the past couple of months is news of plans to rebuild the Euston Arch — which was inspired/partly-modelled-on the Athenian Propylaea — half a century after its destruction. The campaign to rebuild it has a very nice website which is definitely worth a look and Michael Palin is one of the celebrity types behind the effort. Here’s some of the press coverage (much more at the aforementioned website):

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