Citanda: Transactions of the American Philological Association – Volume 139, Number 2, Autumn 2009

Article previews … restricted access otherwise:
Illustrations for “Hephaestus on Foot in the Ceramicus” (Stephen Fineberg)

Presidential Adress 2009

Conceptualizing and Theorizing Peace in Ancient Greece
Kurt A. Raaflaub

A Wolf at the Table: Sympotic Perjury in Archilochus
Renaud Gagné

Hephaestus on Foot in the Ceramicus
Stephen Fineberg

Proving Power: Signs and Sign-inference in Thucydides’ Archaeology
Joshua J. Reynolds

Magnesian Inviolability
Joshua D. Sosin

Womanly Humanism in Cicero’s Tusculan Disputations
William H. F. Altman

Death ante ora parentum in Virgil’s Aeneid
Timothy M. O’Sullivan

TAPA 139.2, Autumn 2009.

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