CONF: Leeds Classics Seminars

Seen on Classicists (please send any responses to the folks mentioned in the quoted text, not to rogueclassicism!):

Leeds Classics Department Research Seminar

Wednesdays at 3pm
Room 101, Parkinson Building
University of Leeds

Semester 2

February 17th
Jamie Dow University of Leeds
Proof-Reading Aristotle’s Rhetoric

February 24th
George Boys-Stones University of Durham
Socrates Dissected: The Myth of "Inner Beauty" in Plato

March 3rd
Catherine Steel University of Glasgow
Political Cultures and Written Records: Cicero after his Exile

March 17th
John Morgan University of Swansea
Love from beyond the Grave:
The Epistolary Ghost Story in Phlegon of Tralleis

April 21st
Douglas Cairns University of Edinburgh
The Joy of Bacchylides

May 5th
David W. Tandy University of Tennessee
Shapes of Exile and Return in the Archaic Aegean

For more information, please contact Drs. Emma Stafford (e.j.stafford AT or Regine May (r.may AT Everybody welcome!

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