CONF: Oxford Ancient History Seminar: Roman Republican Seafaring

Seen on Classicists (please send any responses to the folks mentioned in the quoted text, not to rogueclassicism!):

Spring Term 2010, Ancient History Seminar Series, Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford

Roman Republican Seafaring

Tuesdays 5pm, Lecture Theatre, Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, 66 St Giles’, Oxford

19 January

Christa Steinby (BA Visiting Fellow, Oxford)

Rethinking the Roman republican navy

26 January

Matthew Leigh (Oxford)

Early Roman Epic and the Maritime Moment

2 February

Pascal Arnaud (Nice)

Rome and Maritime Trade in the 4th – 3rd centuries BC

9 February


16 February

David Blackman (Oxford) & Boris Rankov (RHUL)

The bases of the navy in the Republican period

23 February

Vincent Gabrielsen (Copenhagen)

Fleet Funding and Fiscalism: the example of the Greek city-states

2 March

Pier Luigi Tucci (Pisa)

Navalia on the Tiber (t.b.c.)

9 March

Philip de Souza (Dublin)

Why did the Romans need so many warships?


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