CONF: Nottingham Research Workshops Spring Semester

Seen on Classicists (please send any responses to the folks mentioned in the quoted text, not to rogueclassicism!):

Department of Classics, University of Nottingham

Research Workshops, Spring semester 2010

2 February Dr Roger Rees (St Andrews): The artful text of Pacatus

9 February Dr Gesine Manuwald (UCL): Terences Eunuchus and the conventions 
of Roman comedy

16 February Dr Ted Kaizer (Durham): Continuity and change: religious identities in Dura-Europos

23 February Evert van Emde Boas (Oxford): Linguistic characterisation in Greek literature’

2 March Professor Peter Heather (KCL): Predatory Migration and the First Millennium

9 March (with the Nottingham Branch of the Classical Association and the Roman Society): Professor John Prag (Manchester) Faces from Shaft Grave VI at Mycenae: Stamatakis, Schliemann and Grave Circle A faces

16 March Kristis Sergidis (Nottingham): An Athenian Strategic Triangle: Rhodes, Euboea and the Hellespont; Jane Draycott (Nottingham): Worship Like an Egyptian? A Reappraisal of the Temple of Soknebtunis and its Library

23 March Dr Valentina Arena (UCL): ‘A Pantheon with restricted access: religious liberty in the late Roman Republic’

30 March Professor Duncan Kennedy (Bristol): ‘Sums in verse or mathematical aesthetic? Manilius’ Astronomica’

All are welcome. Papers begin at 5.00pm in the Archaeology and Classics Building room C6. Tea will be available from 4.30pm in room B7, drinks and dinner with the speaker afterwards are available by arrangement.

For more information, please contact:

Dr S.J.V. Malloch simon.malloch AT

Dr T. Badnall toni.badnall AT

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