ED: Rutgers Summer in Greece 2010

Seen on Aegeanet

Rutgers University is running its Summer Program to Greece again this
coming Summer 2010 for the 6th consecutive time (from ca. July 4 to August
11). In this undergraduate program we travel around Greece, spending about
half the time in Athens itself and half in the rest of Greece (in 3
discrete trips to Crete, the Peloponnese and northern Greece). Students
earn 6 credits, 3 in history and 3 in classics. While in Athens we stay in
and use facilities provided by College Year in Athens (see cyathens.org),
and outside of Athens we stay in hotels and overnight ferries traveling
around by bus. An estimate of the costs this coming year is ca. $5500 for
New Jersey residents and ca. $6500 for out-of-state residents (this figure
does not include food costs in Greece or airfare to and from Greece). The
program was rated as one of the most affordable by “Let’s Go Greece on a
Budget 2008.”

For more information and an application, please send students to
http://studyabroad.rutgers.edu/program_greece.html, or they can contact me

directly at gfarney AT andromeda.rutgers.edu. I can also provide print or
e-versions of our brochure if anyone wants it, as well as a more detailed


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