Some Twitterfeed Hashtags

A few days ago I was asking readers if they’d approve of a four-column format for rogueclassicism, and that seems to have been almost unanimously declined. So today we introduce one of the reasons I think I need another column: my twitterfeed hashtags. Folks who follow me on twitter know I post a pile of stuff there (especially reviews of books, dramas, movies) with Classical content which I simply don’t have time to always get to in rogueclassicism. Accordingly, I figured out how I might combine rss and twitter hashtags (techie talk, sorry) and include them at rogueclassicism. If you scroll down to the bottom of the ‘middle column’ (second column from the right) you will see that I’ve added two of these: one for ancient drama reviews and one for sword and sandal flick reviews (this is where Clash of the Titans stuff will be showing up if it seems interesting, like some comments by Eugene Borza; I’m hoping to track down a bit more from him). Clicking on the strange-looking link will take you to the relevant post at Twitter, which you’ll have to click again.  I have a few more hashtags to add, but will wait to see how these work out. Enjoy!

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