CONF: Religion and Identity in the Ancient World

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Please find below an outline of the programme for the forthcoming
postgraduate workshop “Religion and Identity in the Ancient World” to take
place at Durham University on 22nd and 23rd April. Organised under the
auspices of Durham University’s Centre for the Study of the Ancient
Mediterranean and the Near East (CAMNE), this is an interdisciplinary
workshop and will be of particular interest to students of Archaeology,
Classics and Theology. For more information, including links to the full
programme and a list of speakers’ abstracts, please visit:

All are welcome and there is no registration fee. However, to help us with
planning if you would like to attend please register your interest in
advance with Ed Kaneen by sending an email to e.n.kaneen AT

Peter Alpass, Ed Kaneen, Donald Murray
(the organisers)


Thursday 22nd April

Saskia Peels (Universiteit Utrecht): Being hosios participating in hosia

Kimberley Slack (University of Manchester): ‘Entering the Aeon’ or ‘Raised
with Christ’?: Language and Terminology as an Identity Marker in the
Gospel of Philip

Ben Johnson (Durham University): Mistaken Identity: Metaphorical Ambiguity
in the Story of the Vineyard (Isa. 5:1-7, 27:2-6 and the Parable of the
Wicked Tenants)

Jenn Strawbridge (University of Oxford): Nomina Sacra and Pedagogy

Gwen Jennes (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven):Creating Identities in Graeco-
Roman Egypt: Theophoric Names

Ed Kaneen (Durham University): Slavery, Story, and the Shaping of
Identity: The Exodus and the Expression of Identity in the Debt-Slavery
Legislation of Ancient Israel

Kevin Tyson (Durham University): Identifying the David-Jonathan

Allen Jones (University of St Andrews): A Refugee By Any Other Name…Can
Still Go Home?: A Social Scientific Look at Ancient Judah’s Exile, Return,
and Ensuing Search for Identity

Hannah Pethen (Museum of London Archaeology / University of Liverpool):
Personal Religion, Identity and the Mythology of Mineral Extraction at
Gebel el-Asr, Lower Nubia

Youssri Abdelwahed (Durham University): Architecture, Space, Rituals, and
Egyptian Religious Identity in the Roman Period

Friday 23rd April

Lieve Donnellan (Universiteit Gent): Apollo Mediating Identity Between
Naxos, Leontini and Katane

Ben Edsall (University of Oxford): The Rhetoric Of Polity: Jewish And
Pauline Community Formation

Donald Murray (Durham University): Ahuramazda, God of the Aryans: Towards
an Understanding of a Persian Religious Identity

Francesca Mazzilli (Durham University): Beyond Religion: a Light on
Cultural Identities of Hauran

Cristina Acqua (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster/Università Ca’
Foscari di Venezia): Emperors and Gods in Provincia Arabia

Duncan MacRae (Harvard University): The Secret Name of Rome: Ritual,
Antiquarianism and Roman Religious Identity

Stephen Louy (University of Edinburgh): A Persecuted People: Persecution
as Part of Christian Identity in the First Century

Eline Scheerlinck (Universiteit Gent): Orientalising Rome? The Influence
of the ‘Eastern religions’ on Imperial Roman Identity

This workshop is generously supported by the Durham University Graduate
School, the Centre for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near
East, and the Department of Theology and Religious Studies.

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