A Somewhat Scary Poll

A recent poll found that young travellers often do not distinguish between real and fictional places or simply have geographical locations all mixed up. The poll, conducted by the sunshine.co.uk website, surveyed 2,865 people between the ages of 18 and 30, to somewhat disparaging results.


>The opposite trend – considering fictitious places as real, was also observed: about a third of the respondents thought that Atlantis – the legendary island that, according to myths, housed a lost prehistoric civilisation before sinking into the ocean, was a real place they could visit in Greece.

via Balkan Travellers – Young Travellers Think “Atlantis is a Real Place in Greece”.

hmmm … maybe we should send them there …

2 thoughts on “A Somewhat Scary Poll

  1. Probably ‘disparate’ … the Balkan Travellers stuff always seems to lose something in translation …

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