Athenian Plague Victim Facial Reconstruction

As far as I’m aware, this item has only appeared in a Greek newspaper and only came to my attention via a post on the Classics list by Lampros Kallenos. I find it interesting on a couple of levels, not least of which is the fact that the discovery of cemetery in which this young victim of Athens’ plague was found is what basically launched most of my online activities in regards to disseminating news coverage of things of interest to Classicists and Classical archaeologists.

I won’t lay claim to being able to read modern Greek with any suitable degree of authority, but the Google translate feature gives a reasonable gist … essentially the skull of an 11-year-old girl, dubbed ‘Myrtis’ (because of the stage her teeth were at when she died), was found back in 1994 with suitable preservation for a facial reconstruction. Microsoft funded the research of Manolis J. Papagrigorakis et al and the results were revealed last week (why did it take so long?). There will be an associated exhibition at the Museum of Natural History in Athens and it will be going ‘on the road’ later …

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