This Day in Ancient History: ante diem vi idus maias

The Illyrian emperor Claudius II (r. 268 70), ...
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ante diem vi idus maias

4 thoughts on “This Day in Ancient History: ante diem vi idus maias

  1. LOVE this site, but this is the first I’ve heard of martyrdoms under Alexander Severus, in 232 – when he was preparing to invade Persia – and none of these alleged saints show up in the catalog at Whole families and households of senators and consuls? It’s surprising to be suprised by such information. I’m working on Alexander Severus and I’d love to know if these martyrdoms have any scholarly support, apart from old-monks-tales…

      1. Thanks – that makes sense. I like the comment that the “heathen mob” were Benedictines 🙂 Callistus was killed in 223, I think, in an outgrowth of the riots that preceded the assassination of the jurist Ulpian. I appreciate the link!

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