CONF: Colloquium on Cultural Memory and Religion in the Ancient City

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The University of Birmingham is delighted to announce an international

colloquium on Cultural Memory and Religion in the Ancient City, to be held
at the University of Birmingham, 5-6 July 2010.

The programme for the colloquium is as follows:
‘Myth and Symbol’
‘Romulus’ memorial trees: planting out Rome’s religious history’ Ailsa
McDermid (Queens’ College, University of Cambridge)
‘Roman temples as symbols of emotional memory’ Phoebe Roy (University of
‘Memory shift: reinventing the mythology, 100 BC – AD 100’ Professor Ken
Dowden (University of Birmingham)
‘Greek and Roman Identity’
‘Religious speech, sea power and institutional change; Athenian idenity
foundation and cultural memory in the Ephebic Naumachia at Piraeus’
Guiseppina Paula Viscardi (University of Naples)
‘Cultural memory and Roman identity in the hymns of Prudentius’ Professor
Dr Peter Kuhlmann (Universität Göttingen)
‘Saints and Goddesses’ ‘Moneta: sacred memory in mid-Republican Rome’
Daniele Miano (University of Manchester)
‘Cultural memory and Isis in the Greco-Roman world’ Dr Juliette Harrisson
(University of Birmingham)
‘Saints in the Caesareum: remembering temple-conversion in Late Antique
Egypt’ Jennifer Westerfeld (University of Chicago)

Private View of "Sacred and Profane: Treasures from Ancient Egypt" at the
Barber Institute of Fine Arts

Evening Lecture: ‘‘The Iseum Campense as a lieu de mémoire’ Dr Martin
Bommas (University of Birmingham)

‘Tombs and Landscapes’
‘A monumental memory: the Great Tumulus at Vergina’ Hallie Franks (New
York University)
‘Landscaping memory: radical transformations on the Capitoline Hill and
the Palatine Hill in the Augustan and early Imperial period’ Lily
Withycombe-Taperell (Royal Holloway, University of London)
‘The Roman necropolis as a focus and show-case of cultural and social
memory’ Dr Maureen Carroll (University of Sheffield)
‘Silver Latin Literature’
‘Nights of Egeria: Juvenal’s search for Rome’ Professor David Larmour
(Texas Tech University)
‘Tradition, religion and Nero’s Great Fire in Tacitus Annals 15.41-7’
Kelly Shannon (Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford)
‘Kings and Emperors’ ‘Marduk’s return: cultural memory and imperial
legitimization at Babylon in 668 BC’ John P. Nielsen (Loyola University of
New Orleans)
‘Remembering our Divine Caesar: religion and power in the Res Gestae Divi
Augusti’ Mark Thorne (Wheaton College, Illinois)

If you would like to attend please copy and paste the booking form below
and return it to us by post by 19th June 2010. There is no conference fee,
but we are asking for a small charge of £10 to contribute to catering
costs. If you have any further questions, please e-mail me:
J.G.Harrisson AT

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