Etruscan House from Grosseto

Not sure if this is the one mentioned by Francesca Tronchin on Twitter (if so, tip o’ the pileus!):

An ancient Etruscan home dating back more than 2,400 years has been discovered outside Grosseto in central Italy. Hailed as an exceptional find, the luxury home was uncovered at an archeological site at Vetulonia, 200 kilometres north of Rome.

Archeologists say it is rare to find an Etruscan home intact and believe the home was built between the 3rd and 1st century BC.

Using six Roman and Etruscan coins uncovered at the home, archeologists believe the house collapsed in 79 AD during wars unleashed by Roman general and dictator, Lucio Cornelio Silla.

Archeologists have discovered a large quantity of items which have revealed a great deal about life in the home and the construction techniques of the era.

“These are the best ruins that have ever been found in Italy,” said Simona Rafanelli, director of the Isidoro Falchi archeological museum in Vetulonia, told journalists.

“They represent something incredibly important from an archeological and historical point of view, because they finally give us an understanding of new techniques linked to Etruscan construction that we did not know until today.

“Here today we are rewriting history. It is a unique case in Italy because with what we have found we will be able to completely reconstruct the entire house.”

From the ruins they discovered a basement or cellar in which the family is believed to have stored foodstuffs.

A beautiful earthenware pot was found in the corner of the room and an olive press.

Pieces of vases and plates were also uncovered at the house, while the walls were made of sun-dried clay bricks.

via Italy: Ancient Etruscan home found near Grosseto | Adnkronos.

One thought on “Etruscan House from Grosseto

  1. I think needs a fact-checker on their staff:-).

    79 AD?
    Silla for Sulla.
    And Sulla gave-up his dictatorship in 81BC, Consul in 80BC and was retired in 79BC.
    Regards, Walter

    “archeologists believe the house collapsed in 79 AD during wars unleashed by Roman general and dictator, Lucio Cornelio Silla”.

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