CFP: Athenian Hegemonic Techniques

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Papers are invited for a panel entitled ‘Athenian Hegemonic Techniques’ which will be held at The Sixth Celtic Conference in Classics (University of Edinburgh, July 28-31, 2010) and chaired by Thomas Figueira. Although a major theme will be the fiscal aspects of Attic imperialism, papers are welcomed on any aspect of Athenian control over allies in the Delian League, Athenian Empire and Second Confederacy. Senior scholar participants include Christophe Pébarthe, Loren Samons, and Thomas Figueira. A group of rising scholars will be participating and the organizers encourage submissions from junior scholars. Forty minutes will be allotted for each paper.

Those interested may contact T.J. Figueira (figueira AT or Sean Jensen (srjensen AT
For the Celtic Conference, please contact Anton Powell at powellanton AT or see the website at where information about other panels may also be found.

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