Another Bulgarian Bust … Coins This Time

I’m always curious what happens to the artifacts ‘after’ …

A young Bulgarian in possession of 130 ancient coins was stopped on the Greece-Turkey border, police in the north-eastern Greek city of Komotini announced today.

Intercepted at the border crossing in the town of Kastanies yesterday, the man – whose identity has not been revealed, had over 100 coins dating to the ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras, which he claimed he had found in the Turkish countryside using special detection equipment, Dimitris Hotzidis, head of customs in Kastanies, told Greek news agency ANA.

The coins have been transferred to archaeological authorities in Komotini, and the Bulgarian has been passed on to prosecutors in the nearby city of Orestiada.

According to police in Komotini, cited by international media, theft and trafficking of archaeological artefacts has been on the rise in the last couple of months, particularly between Greece and Bulgaria.

via Bulgarian Caught with 130 Ancient Coins on Greece-Turkey Border | Balkan Travellers.

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