*Sir* Fergus Millar

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The incipit of  the BBC’s coverage of the Queen’s Birthday Honours list:

A retired Oxford professor of ancient history is to be awarded a Knighthood in the Birthday Honours List for services to Scholarship.

Fergus Millar, 74, was Camden Professor of Ancient History Emeritus, Oxford University until he retired in 2002.

He received the Kenyon Medal for Classics from the British Academy in 2005.

Professor Millar is credited as being among the most influential ancient historians of the 20th Century.

He is an authority in the field of ancient Roman and Greek history.

His accolades include honorary doctorates from Oxford and Helsinki and elected memberships in foreign academies.

Professor Millar said: “I was surprised, it’s late in life but I’m pleased, it’s recognition of the subject that I do.”

One thought on “*Sir* Fergus Millar

  1. The BBC really is slipping – he was Camden Professor of Ancient History until he retired, at which point the Emeritus is tacked on if one retains the former title (like Millar, or in another field Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu).

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