Christian Necropolis from Bitola?

Tumbe Kafe stadion
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The headline suggests — once again — that archaeologists are a rather clumsy lot:

During the reconstruction works of the Tumbe Kafe stadium and recreational zone in Macedonia’s south-western town of Bitola, archaeologists have found necropolises, most likely dating to the third century.

“All construction activities have been halted in order to examine the artefacts. The skeletons might belong to Christians, but the possibility of their being pagan is not ruled out either. It is believed that necropolises originate from the third century, because the deceased had been buried underground since,” archaeologist Gordana Filipovska-Lazarovska told national media today.

The archaeologists working at the site believe that the area might yield other archaeological findings. Therefore, they intend to ask for assistance and support at the national level, in order to continue their research.

Before construction activities were halted, the reconstruction of the Tumbe Kafe stadium and recreational zone was financed by the local self-government and international donations.

Tumbe Kafe Stadium is a multi-use stadium, which is currently used mostly for football matches. It is is the home stadium of FK Pelister and has a seating capacity of 6,100 people.

via Archaeologists Stumble Upon Ancient Necropolises During Stadium Reconstruction | Balkan Travellers.

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